1) Have you ever been told that you are "too sensitive," "hypersensitive" or "overly sensitive"?
2) Do you get drained or tired easily especially around certain people or places?
3) Do loud noises and crowded places cause you discomfort with anxiety or stress?
4) Do you sometimes have emotions that do not make any sense?
5) Are you an observant individual?
6) Do you enjoy the beach, ocean, or nature opposed to a city?
7) Do you need more alone time than the average person?
8) Do you have trouble focusing? Easily distracted?
9) Does your mood change depending upon the individuals that are near you?
10) Do you avoid violent movies or violence on TV?
11) Are people drawn to you to disclose their problems to you?
12) Are you able to read people regardless of what they are saying to you?
13) Do you sometimes have physical problems that are unexplainable and doctors are unable to figure it out?
14. Have you been told that you are empathetic?
15. Would you consider yourself more spiritual?
16. Are you highly intuitive?

If you answered "yes" to at least 6 out of 16...you are considered a Highly Sensitive Individual, if you answered 7 or more out of 16...you are definitely a Highly Sensitive Individual.

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