Too sensitive? Anxious? Trouble focusing? Unexplained or unresolved emotions and/or medical problems? You might be one out of five individuals today that are known as a "Highly Sensitive Individual."

A Highly Sensitive Individual uses their intuition and reacts to their environment's subtle energies consciously and/or subconsciously perceiving very deeply. Highly Sensitive Individuals are similar to sponges because they absorb everything. Many times it is hard to determine if it is your emotion  and/or physical problem or if you energetically absorbed someone else's energies.

Dr. Elaine Aron, Ph.D. is widely recognized as the pioneer for studying Highly Sensitive People for over 20 years. The Highly Sensitive Person, written by Dr. Aron, explains "that Highly Sensitive People have a specific genetic characteristics that make them acutely aware of the world around them because they process more deeply than other individuals."

Any environment for a Highly Sensitive Individual can cause emotional and physical discomfort if unaware how to safely cope due to their very sensitive nervous system. Based on over 20 years of professional counseling  and personal experiences, Tara Wenig, MA, LMHC, NCC, DCEP has created and compiled the most effective, safe, and non-invasive healing techniques to help without medication. They are energetically based healing your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

Highly Sensitive Self